Frankfurt – Festhalle

See you soon. Good bye…

Frankfurt Ticket

Sadly enough the last concert of this fascinating tour.

Setlist: Intro, Wanton Song, Heartbreaker, WIAWSNB, Clarksdale, No Quarter, WTWWY, Going to California, Tangerine, Gallows Pole, Heart in your hand, BIGLY, Most High, HMMT incl Fever
Encore 1: WLL incl. a short The train kept a rolling, Thank you
Encore 2: Rock and Roll

Review: For the last gig of the tour there were 9000-10000 people at the Festhalle in Frankfurt. The first highlight was the solo in Heartbreaker. I think it was a little bit longer than I have heard it before. Plant meant that this is ‚a very, very, very, very important evening.‘ And that after ‚ten months of travelling through 17 countries all over this world, tonight is the last night‘. Walking into Clarksdale was introduced as ‚Walking into Clarksdale somewhere near Heidelberg‘. They played very well and sound was very good. Through HMMT they played an excellent version of ‚Fever‘. I don’t know if this was planned because Jimmy looked a little bit stunned at Robert when he started to sing it. Before HMMT Robert said that ‚While the Transglobal Underground (the support act) is on its way to play there music somewhere else this is some psychedelic jazz‘. For the encores they played WLL with a long Theramin section and a short ‚The train kept a rolling‘ in it.After that the played ‚Thank you‘ ( very nice version). After this song Robert said ‚Thank you‘ to all the guys in the team. He named nearly 20 of them by their firstname. Rock ’n‘ Roll was the worthy end of another brilliant show and tour. After the show everyone on the stage hugged each other. And as they already stood in line to bow, Robert and Jimmy got out of the line laughed and hugged them again.

München – Olympiahalle

München Olympiahalle

Sold out concert.

Setlist: Intro, Wanton, Heartbreaker, WIAWSNB, Walking into, No Quarter, WTWWY, Going to CA, Tangerine, Gallows Pole, Heart in your hand, BIGLY, Most High, HMMT incl snippets of San Francisco and almost full Down by the seaside
ENCORE1: Ramble on, Whole lotta love incl Who do you love
ENCORE2: Rock n Roll

Zürich – Hallenstadion

Does anybody remember laughter?


Finally we found the Hallenstadion after using most modern communication tools (two mobile phones). Looking for somethingto eat we nearly got a cold. But all the problems are blown away as we attend the best concert of the tour (my opinion).

Setlist: Intro, The Wanton Song, Heartbreaker, What Is And What Should Never Be, Walking Into Clarksdale, No Quarter, When The World Was Young, Going To California incl. 32-20, Tangerine, Gallows Pole, Heart In Your Hand, BIGLY, Most High , HMMT inc I can’t quit you Encores (1) WLL with ref to Who do you love (2) Rock ’n‘ Roll

Review: For me that was the best one! They had so much fun and Robert could not stop talking. He laughed about himself talking all the time.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein – The Darks of Doom are howling…


Just below this nice view the „Little Big One“ festival took place. Here we had the opportunity to see the sound check of the band with a brilliant Jimmy Page playing just for the two of us!

Soundcheck: Blues song, Wanton Song, Bring it on home, Heartbreaker

Concert: Wanton Song, Bring it on home, Heartbreaker, Ramble on, Walking into Clarksdale, No Quarter, Shining in the light, Gallows Pole, Heart in your hand, Babe I am gonna leave you, Most High, How many more times (cut short), Down by the seaside(excerpt) leading into..Whole lotta love Encore: Rock ’n‘ Roll

Reviews: This was a very small Festival. There were maybe 5000 people. Page and Plant entered the stage at a quarter past nine and they played for one and a half hour. In my opinion the fun that could be seen on the US gigs was missing a little bit, but it was still a very good concert. It was raining all the time and Jimmy had some technical problems during Whole lotta love. The Theramin did not work well and afterwards the pedals for his guitar did not work, so that he kicked them away. The bow solo in HMMT was shortened but very good. In the afternoon we went to the concert area to take a look at the stage and when we just went to leave Jimmy Page entered the stage. He had Michael Lee, Charlie Jones and Phil Andrews with him. Only Robert was missing.He took of his jacket and they started to play a very heavy blues song and afterwords Wanton Song, Bring it on home and Heartbreaker. Jimmy had a lot of fun and moved a lot across the stage. That was much better than in the evening. He played with the Theramin too and it worked pretty well. So I think it was the rain that caused the problems during the evening show. It was really a great experience to see and hear Jimmy play with just 10 people in front of the stage.

Review from PeterPeischl

As already mentioned by Jens, we had the chance to witness the souncdheck in the afternoon. The music was only instrumental because robert was missing. At first the band started a blus jam which reminded me at a more heavier version of Since Ive been loving you. Phil Andrews added some nice piano parts to this blues. The main part of this blues was Jimmy playing a long solo against the background of Charlie Jones/Michael Lee with, as already mentioned, Phil Andrews providing nice piano parts. While soloing, Jimmy was really stomping his left foot on the stage. There were about 10 people watching this soundcheck and I was worrying, that somebody would come and ask to leave. Happily, this did not happen; only when somebody wanted to take some photos, the assistant tour manager, Richard Davies, got nervous and asked us, not to take photos. We accepted his wish.After some discussion, the band provided us with the first three songs of the set. The sound was wonderful this afternoon. Much better than in the evening.Jimmy looked really happy, playing this 3 songs, because he moved around the stage, just like if he is playing before a crowd of 10.000 and not only 10 people. I was hoping, that he would perform his solo during Heartbreaker, but this was left out. After Heartbreaker, the band put aside their instruments and Jimmy was testing if his Theramin is working correct, assisted by Clive Brinkworth, his roadie. The „testing“ took about 5 minutes and it was a fascinating thing to see in detail, how a Theramin is working and what Jimmy has to do with his hands and body to achieve a certain sound from this instrument. Just let me tell you, that this show was part of a 3 day festival in Vaduz, with Alan Parsons Project headlining on Saturday and Jethro Tull on Sunday. The concert site was in the midst of Vaduz, which is an old town within a valley. On one side of the town, there are big mountains rising up with an old castle in the middle, the castle just looking down on the town and right on the festival site.So adding an romantic environment to the whole site. After finishing his Theramin Check, somebody ( maybe the promoter ) was introduced to Jimmy, who was explaining to him the outlook in the valley and the old castle. I had the impression, that Jimmy liked the place. After some more checking with the Theramin, he put on his leather jacket and left the stage. So now, something about the evening show. As Jens already mentioned, the fun of the soundcheck was not present at the show. After being present at the first 4 concerts of the american tour ( Pensacola, Tampa, Miami & Jacksonville ) I think, I am able to make some comparisons. First, the set was cut down an bit. Going to C, Tangerine and a second encore were missing. I suppose, that they had to cut down the whole thing for curfew reasons. We were very near at front of the stage, maybe 4th row standing. Here the sound was partially not as good as experienced in the USA. I also had the impressions, that the band were a bit rusty, because you could notice some mistakes in the playing. Maybe the reason for all this was Robert Plant, who seemed a bit lacklustre, especially in the songs, where he has to work a bit more than usual, e.g. Baby Im gonna leave you & How Many More Times. Compared to the states, where his voice was really strong in these songs, he provided us here only with „standard singing“. But now to the positive things from the show. The inclusion of „Shining in the light“ is a positive move. But personally, I really miss „Burning Up“, which is a favourite of the new album. Maybe they should use this song an an opener, because in my opinion, „Wanton Song“ is not the ideal number to start. I was also a good idea, to move „Most High“ a bit earlier in the set, because this number works better „before“ instead of „after“ HMMT.

Jacksonville, Fl

23.5.1998 – Jacksonville – after seeing the Chicken Bones left by other guys in our Motel room we move on to the Ramada Inn. At the Coliseum Page and Plant performed in front of 7000 people.

Jacksonville Coliseum

Funny for us as germans was the fact that we had to show our IDs to a cop and got a bracelet that allowed us to order beer. The next morning we drive back to Tallahassee and fly backto Germany.

Setlist: Egyptian Intro/The Wanton Song/Bring It On Home/Heartbreaker/Ramble On/Walking Into Clarksdale/No Quarter/Burning Up/Going to California/Tangerine/Gallows Pole/Heart In Your Hand/Babe I’m Gonna Leave You/How Many More Times (interpolated with Morning Dew)/Most High/Whole Lotta Love/Encores: Thank You/Rock and Roll

Review: The mood was very good and so was the band. They played their best gig so far and you could see that on their faces. Page was waving to the audience after the show and he and Robert where laughing and smiling all over. They changed the setlist for that gig. The played Burning Up earlier and then they put in My heart is in your hand after Gallows Pole. The new songs were brilliant. They had so much fun during that gig that the rest of the band forgot to play while Plant sang and so he had to remind them of playing. It was a great show. For me and for many others we have spoken to they were much better than in 1995. The video screens are very good too.

The New Band Of 1984

My interest in the concert of the Scorpions faded after I saw the poster that announced the ‚The New Band of 1984‘ and had the names of Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers on it. One phone call the other day and the tickets for the shows (3.12.1984 in Frankfurt and 4.12.1984 in Ludwigshafen) were ordered.

Frankfurt, Kongresszentrum – 3.12.1984

Three hours before the door open we arrive at the still closed Kongresszentrum, thinking sadly about the fact that Jimmy played with Led Zep in the much bigger Festhalle nearby in 1980. Waiting in front of the hall I think about what would happen. It is the first time for me to see Jimmy Page playing. Will they play Zep Songs? Maybe Stairway? Or songs from Bad Co? After buying a Tour T-Shirt we take our place on the right side of the stage to see the most of Pagey. At 8.00 the band enters the stage after a short intro. `Closer‘ is the first song and Jimmy shows that he is still one of the best. `City Sirens‘ of the ‚Death wish 2‘ Album is the second song and the crowd is very pleased. After ‚Make or Break‘ everybody knows that Jimmy is back again. The softer `Morning after the night before‘ shows that The Firm is not just Rodgers and Page, but an excellent group, with Chris Slade on drums and Tony Franklin on bass. The Love Song (Together) gives us reason to looking forward to the news CD that will be released soon. Prelude, again from the ‚Death Wish 2′ and `Money can’t buy‘ follow, before Chris Slade starts the stomping ‚Radioactive‘.

Jimmy Page

`No Zep songs‘ I think after ‚Live in peace‘, `Midnight Moonlight‘, `You’ve lost that loving feeling‘ and `The Chase‘ as Jimmy suddenly stands under a green laser pyramid a violin bow in his hand. The Crowd goes wild and the hope for more Zep stuff grows. But there will be no more. After a brilliant drum and bass solo, ‚Someone to love‘ and `Boogie Mama‘ they leave the stage.
The encore is Everybody needs somebody to love‘. But even without the old material it was a brilliant and remorable evening that I will never forget.

Ludwigshafen, Pfalzbau – 4.12.84

As the setlist is the same as on the 3rd I will write a little bit more about the atmosphere and the people. As early as the day before we arrive at the Pfalzbau in Ludwigshafen. Waiting in front of the building we meet a lot of people we have already met the day before. So we start talking about Led Zeppelin, The Firm and gig in Frankfurt.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist firmjimy.jpg

The band shows the same excitement about playing and even if Jimmy looks like he had less sleep and more alcohol his playing is excellent again. He is moving all the time and is not leaving the stage during Chris Slades drum solo. He is again completely dressed in white but today he is wearings the boots (Remember 1977).

Miami, Florida

22.5.1998– Before the concert we go to Miami Downtown to the Hardrock Cafe. To the delight of the fans they play a lot of Zep music. In the Miami Arena (packed with 17000 fans) we see the wildest crowd of our little tour.

Setlist: Egyptian Intro/ The Wanton Song/ Bring it on Home/ Heartbreaker/Ramble On/Walking into Clarksdale/No Quarter/When I was a Child/Going to California/Tangerine/Gallows Pole/Burning Up/Babe I’m Gonna Leave You/How Many More Times-Down By The Seaside (For Your Life references) /Most High/Whole Lotta Love Encores:Thank You/Rock n Roll

Review: As mentioned, the wildest crowd though not the best concert. But still brilliant.

Miami Arena
Miami Arena

In the morning of the 23.5.1998 we drive the long way to Jacksonville (the home of Molly Hatchet).

Tampa, Florida

20.5.1998 – Tampa – at the Best Western we meet Peter and Pat and drive Downtown to the huge Ice Palace. Ticket TampaWe sell our spare ticket and walk over to the bar nearby where a live band is playing. There are 14000-15000 people at the concert.Tampa

Setlist: Eastern intro, Wanton Song, Bring it on Home, Heartbreaker, Ramble On, Walking Into Clarksdale, No Quarter, When I Was A Child, Going To California, Tangerine, Gallows Pole, Burning Up, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, How Many More Times w/ We’re Gonna Groove, Most High, Whole Lotta Love. Encores: Thank You, Rock and Roll.

Review: Musically for me this was the best one. The band was relly on. The crowd was much more enthusiastic than in Pensacola. But not to wild.

21.5.1998 – Our day off. We visit some relatives and drive on to Naples where we stay at the Best Western.

22.5.1998 – In Everglade City we make a swamp tour and see a Manatee. In Miami we stay at the Holiday Inn.

Tampa Icepalace

Pensacola, Florida

17.5.1998 – Frankfurt – we enter the plane that will bring us to Tallahassee with a short Pensacola Civic Centerstop in Atlanta. There we stay at the Days Inn.

18.5.1998 – After a short trip to Wakulla Springs we drive to Pensacola and take a closer look at the arena, the Civic Center. We stay at the Motel 6.

19.5.1998 – After a visit to Pensacola Beach we drive to the Civic Center, pick up our Tickets and by some T-Shirts. There are 8000 to 10000 people at the concert. On the next day we move on to Tampa

Setlist: Egyptian Intro/ The Wanton Song/ Bring it on Home/ Heartbreaker/Ramble On/Walking into Clarksdale/No Quarter/When I was a Child/Going to California/Tangerine/Gallows Pole/Burning Up/Babe I’m Gonna Leave You/How Many More Times-In The Light/Most High/Whole Lotta Love Encores:Thank You/Misty Mountain Hop

Review: A very nice athmosphere at the Civic Center. The crowd is very pleased to see the guys. This is the right place for the first gig of a big tour.

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant – 1998

Took my chances on a big jet plane…
19.5.1998 – Pensacola, Fl. – Civic Center 20.5.1998 – Tampa, Fl. – Ice Palace Arena
22.5.1998 – Miami, Fl. – Arena 23.5.1998 – Jacksonville, Fl. – Coliseum
21.8.1998 – Vaduz, Liechtenstein – Little Big One 20.11.1998 – Zürich – Hallenstadion
23.11.1998 – München – Olympiahalle 3.12.1998 – Frankfurt – Festhalle