18.6.1995 – Lüneburg – Flugplatz

LüneburgSetlist: Immigrant/Wanton Song, Heartbreaker, Thank You, Whole Lotta Love with Theramin, No Quarter, Gallows pole, Hurdy Gurdy Solo, Yallah, Since I’ve Been Lovin You, The Song Remains The Same, Friends, Calling To You / Were Gonna Groove / When The Levee Breaks / Dazed & Confused / Break On Through, Four Sticks, In The Evening / Carouselambra.

Review: I saw the Plant and Page concert in Lüneberg on Sunday the 18th June. It was a really great concert. Page was in top form. He played like hell. They started with the first chords of „Immigrant Song“ and went into „Wanton Song“. After that came „Thank You“. After that was a great version of „Whole Lotta Love“. The best song in my opinion was „Since I’ve Been Lovin You“ with two great page solos. „Yallah“ was played with the Egyptian ensemble live on stage. A great moment. They finished their set with „In The Evening“ and there was no encore. Totally Impressed.

John Paul Jones – 8.11.1999 – Fankfurt – Batschkapp

John Paul JonesJohn Paul Jones, Frankfurt, Batschkapp, Germany 8th November

Set List 1: Zooma, Goose, Grind, Smile Of Your Shadow, Nosumi Blues, No Quarter, Spagetti Junction, Blues (Steel Away?) – Intermission –

Set List 2: Triple Neck Solo, Crackback (?), Bass’n’Drums (incl. Heartbreaker Tease), Jump Blues (?), When The Levee Breakes, Tidal. Encores: Trampled Underfoot, Black Dog.

It was a really amazing concert in Frankfurt. The small venue was filled with 200-300 people. Jones and his ‚orchestra‘ entered the stage at 9.00pm and played their two sets as usual. The setlist was the same as on the other gigs before. The band played very good. The really enjoyed the gig. Jonesy was very shy and did not talk to much. The only remarkable words were before No Quarter when he said with a look at the guitar: ‚This was now and here and that was then and there‘. After that they started to play No Quarter.

Alanis Morissette – 10.07.2003 – Stuttgart (Germany) – Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle

10.07.2003 – Stuttgart (Germany) – Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle

Alanis Morisette
Alanis Morrisette

The 6000 fans in Stuttgart had to wait 40 minutes until the band entered the stage. But Alanis and the band played a very good concert. A good mix of all hits and a lot of new stuff showed all faces of her music. The only bad thing was that they finished after 100 minutes. A little bit too short!